Sunday, March 11, 2018

Michigan Stonefly Nymphs For Steelhead

Through the years I have come up with Stonefly patterns that really work.  I call them the old fly patterns.  If you can remember when your grandpa would take you fishing or you looked in his tackle box.  You might have seen theses pattern.  The wings are made form the old time straw ribbon.  They let some light go through the wings on the Stonefly Nymphs. Boy do they work!  The Black Flies with colored wings really catch the Rainbow trout(Steelhead).  Hell over high water is the name of the red and black stones.  When the water is high in early spring these are a go to fly.  At around 5 am in the morning before sunrise the yellow and green work very good. The raspberry and light blue  Fly patterns work well in the day light hours. If you would like to use these patterns you can buy them on ebay Gems of Michigan   Thank you Big Tim

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Old Mines of Michigan

Go up North to Hunt  Michigan
 gems.  To do this adventure you will first have to pass the Mackinaw Bridge, what a view.  Once you go over Lake Michigan and Lake Huron You will really be up North. The gems that you will be  hunting will are Datolite and blue and green copper silicates. all these gems will make nice jewelry and they come from Michigan(Near Delaware Michigan).  Back in the 1800 's The old  miners would throw out many of these gems mixed with copper. so if you enjoy prospecting, Delaware Michigan is the place to go.      Happy rock hunting Big Tim

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Nymph Earrings

 I Have created a new line of Jewelry, made to imitate the nymph flies in the river and streams of Michigan.  I  believe these flies will turn on the sexy  side of women.  They will also bring out the animal inside the men they are with.  Hell these stone cold flies will make fish rise from deep streams for the day or night bite every time you use them. So
they will  help lure good men in for the fresh catch.

 Nymph Earrings' are hand made with love and care. There are magical and rare oils in the material used to make theses gems.  I have come up with my own nymph designs to lure in the finest fish.  It took a life time to come up with these one of a kind color patterns.  Now the nymphs are made into Nymph earrings for women and men to enjoy.  So when things are slow in the Love department buy a pair of  Nymph Earrings, they will work!