Sunday, December 15, 2013

Nymph Earrings

 I Have created a new line of Jewelry, made to imitate the nymph flies in the river and streams of Michigan.  I  believe these flies will turn on the sexy  side of women.  They will also bring out the animal inside the men they are with.  Hell these stone cold flies will make fish rise from deep streams for the day or night bite every time you use them. So
they will  help lure good men in for the fresh catch.

 Nymph Earrings' are hand made with love and care. There are magical and rare oils in the material used to make theses gems.  I have come up with my own nymph designs to lure in the finest fish.  It took a life time to come up with these one of a kind color patterns.  Now the nymphs are made into Nymph earrings for women and men to enjoy.  So when things are slow in the Love department buy a pair of  Nymph Earrings, they will work!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oakland County Michigan Gold!

Oakland County Gold! Yes, gold can definitely be found in Oakland County Michigan, but not in large quantity. I’m going to share a little story about Michigan gold from just a couple weeks ago.

A cold Lower Michigan Creek
Old man winter was finally saying good bye, it was a snowy winter here in Michigan. I was ready and raring to go look’in for some of that Lower Michigan gold. I called my good buddy Lumpy (Yes that’s his real name) to head out on an early spring morning just after the snows have melted. Man was the water cold.

There were always rumors floating around about Southeastern Michigan gold. The latest rumor we heard about through the grapevine was that there was Gold right here in Oakland County Michigan. Honestly, I was very skeptical and thought that we wouldn’t find any Gold. With a side kick named Lumpy you’d think there was no chance at all.

"There's gold in them hills!"
Honestly, I had looked in Livingston County many times before and only found one small flake in two years worth of trying. So we went out, froze are donkey butts off and found some nice fine flakes, lost some weight too, and did Lumpy ever do some smack talk’in.

If you find some old quarries your chances of finding Gold will go up... It is still very hard to find so you will still have to look every inch on these grounds. Small creeks can be good to but it always seems the gold is finer in these streams. Good luck look’in for Gold in Southeastern Michigan and have fun Prospecting.

Big Tim say’in “That’s it for now!”

Picture of a Gold flake on my trip with "Lumpy"

Friday, December 24, 2010

Colorado Gold: Locations plus so much more!

Colorado is one or the most beautiful states to rock hound at there is plenty of fine Gold and many mineral rare mineral specimens to find and there are many wonderful places to discover. If you don't want to travel all over this wonderful state then Denver is a very good place to start. Within a 50 mile radius you will find most of the gems and mineral that can be found in Colorado. I have listed some places close by and then some cool places that are much farther away. Remember, I have only touch the surface so keep reading and searching the Great State of Colorado for Gems, Gold, and minerals. All these wonders are there to be discovered and treasured.

As you can tell by the video there are many spots in Colorado to rock hunt and to search for gold. One such an area is Georgetown. This area has lots of fine gold and silver, it doesn’t take long to figure out that there will be a wealth of minerals' in this area. One GREAT spot and one of the best places you’ll find the wonderful mineral specimen is Clear Creek County. So here is the scoop as I don’t want you to be bore you with all the digging I did in this county, I will just tell you were the sweet spots are, and where it was good and not so good to save you time.

If you are looking for big and nice minerals in vugs forget the Gold mines, I’m not saying you won't find good mineral specimens in theses old mines because you will. If you just use common sense, you will realize that everyone is looking for gold and they also seem to always pick up the nicest minerals at theses old mines. Now here is a clue and here it is… the old copper and silver mines always seem to have the best mineral specimens in their old dump piles.

If you’re looking for gold, good fine gold can be found about 6 to 8 miles up Chicago Creek from Clear Creek. It is always nice to know where to find the gold, even when you join different groups paying them good money or buying books they are very often a little miss leading. It is not fair but everyone is trying to make a little money (sign of the times). There was very little placer gold in the town of Empire but there was some fine gold. There should be some good gold in these areas so don't give up. I just gave you a summer of hard work from reading those bad books at least you will have a good start.

Gunnison was no good for gold and if there was good Gold there the locals didn't make it easy for you to get into the national forest, so I ended up going down to Placerville. San Miguel County on the San Miguel River is where you will find lots of fine gold as good as the Arkansas River. It is good about 5 miles west of Placerville. You will find Fine flakes and fine Gold in pockets, throughout this River. This is also a very beautiful and scenic area. There is a park down on the river about 6 to 7 miles west down from Placerville that talks about Sam Miguel and his Gold finding adventures (there is fine gold down there).

Near Parlin there is the Opportunity Mine. To reach the mine site from Parlin take county rd 76 north for 4 miles, then east on that good gravel road by the nearby homes. Then go a 1/2 mile and park, there you will see the old mine and an old road on the right. You can find aquamarine And Green Elbaite Crystals. There are a lot more Green Tourmaline and maybe if you’re lucky a little beryl (aquamarine) nothing of gem quality at all but very nice and large mineral specimens'. Yes you will find lots of good stuff here, good luck.