Sunday, January 3, 2010

Michigan Emeralds and Large Garnets

There are emeralds in Michigan. Even though the colors of these emeralds are usually light they can still come in dark green to dark blue green. Theses emeralds are found in an old iron mine in Marquette County. If there was a myth of finding theses gems in Michigan, it is no longer a myth. They are very hard to find in the old iron mines I would have to believe that there could be out crops of these emeralds if one could find a better pegmatite system in this area. These pegmatites are there but most of them are covered with glacier sands. For the people who are looking for these gems it will be a hard and long journey but that half the fun. From Marquette County all the way south to Dickerson County is a good place to start looking for theses' elusive emeralds. Who knows maybe you will get extremely lucky and find rubies, if you are finding emeralds you are findings chrome deposits and where there is chrome there can be rubies.

For those looking for easier gems you can always look for garnets they are scattered all over many of the old iron mines. The only problem is that there is very little gem quality but you will find some o.k. cap quality. Put it this way, it will take a nice polish, if you know what I mean. Most of these garnets are really pseudomorphs. (They are usually lager in size and replaced by hematite). On very rear occasions the pseudomorphs can be as large as soft balls. These garnets and pseudomorphs are found in chloride schist. When busting them out always hit the schist with a hammer against the grain, so the gems don't break in half. Believe me they look a lot better when there whole.

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